How to Replace a Heating Element in a Samsung Dryer

By Nick Evans •  Last Updated: 11/10/22 •  14 min read

Wondering how to replace the heating element in your Samsung dryer? We are going to walk you through that.

Changing the heating element might be necessary if your Samsung dryer won’t heat up. If you are wondering how to change out a bad heating element, we’ll outline the procedures in this article. It’s a reasonably simple fix you can perform on your own. 

Simply put, you need to find your dryer’s heating element. Once you’ve done that, disconnect the power supply and remove the element. From there, you can install the new element and reconnect the power supply.

Assuming everything goes smoothly, this repair should only take about 30 minutes to complete.

What is a Dryer Heating Element?

What Does a Heating Element Do?

Electric dryers require a heating element to warm the air within the drum. Depending on the dryer model, a circular heating element either rests behind the drum and heats the air inside the drum or fits inside a housing and heats the air as it travels through the blower.

How to Know if Your Dryer’s Heating Element is Broken

If it’s taking longer than usual for your clothing to dry, your heating element is probably the cause. If they are not drying at all, it’s almost definitely your heating element. It could also mean you have a clog in your dryer vent which is actually a really easy fix. clog.

You can try a few different things to see if your heating element needs to be replaced. Make that the dryer is plugged in and that the circuit breaker has not tripped before doing anything else. From there, you’ll need to remove the dryer’s lid in order to locate the heating element. It will be a cylinder with two coils of metal on it. Touch one probe of a multimeter with the ohms setting to either end of the heating element. You will need to replace your heating element if the reading is infinite.

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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heating Element

It’s probably time to switch out the heating element if your Samsung dryer won’t heat up. The following indicate that you may need to replace the heating element in your dryer:

What is a Heating Element’s Typical Lifespan?

A heating element typically has a lifespan of around 2,000 hours. However, this will fluctuate according on the element’s quality and how frequently you utilize it. If you use your dryer frequently, you will need to replace the heating element in your Samsung dryer more often.

How Much Does a Heating Element Cost to Replace?

A heating element for a Samsung dryer typically costs around $30 to $100 to replace. Depending on the dryer model and the retail outlet where you buy the part, the price will fluctuate. These are two excellent choices that you can get from Amazon.

Our Heating Element Recommendations

If your Samsung dryer isn’t heating up, chances are the heating element has burned out. You can replace the heating element yourself with a few tools and some basic knowledge. Here are some good options you can purchase directly from Amazon.

Where is the Heating Element in a Samsung Dryer Located?

Depending on the model, your Samsung dryer’s heating element is on the bottom right side.

How to Replace Your Samsung Dryer’s Heating Element

So you have finally realized it’s time to go ahead and replace your Samsung dryer’s heating element. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. You need a few things, like a screwdriver, the new heating element, and, most importantly, a friend to help you!

Just follow these simple instructions, and you’ll have your dryer working like new in no time!

1. Disconnect Your Dryer

The first thing you do with a dryer is pull it out from the wall or detach it if it is attached to the wall. Next, disconnect the exhaust hose if it is attached to your device. Next, unplug the cord to cut power to the dryer.

2. Remove the Back Cover

Make sure you disconnect your Samsung dryer from the power supply and venting before you do anything. The heating element is behind a panel in the back. To remove it, unscrew the panel using the provided screws and clips, then put it out of the way and keep the screws in a safe place.

3. Remove the Control Panel

The first step is to unthread the screws that hold the control panel in place. Once they’re undone, they’ll clip off. Be careful not to pull it off too far, as you’ll need to disconnect the wire harnesses connecting it to the dryer before it can come completely off. Once disconnected, place the control panel out of the way and put the screws in a safe place later.

4. Detach the Front Cover

To remove the front cover, open the dryer door and take out the lint filter or trap. After removing the screws under the filter, put it to the side and keep it in a safe place. You can now remove the front panel and access the heating element.

5. Disconnect the Power Terminals From the Transistors

Find the heating element and detach the power terminals from it. You’ll need to detach six terminals in total, but don’t worry about remembering where each one goes—they’re all different shapes.

6. Take Out the Heating Element

Unthread the screw and remove the heating element, and then disconnect the thermostat by unthreading four screws. Make sure to keep track of the screw that holds the heating element in place, because you’ll need it when you replace it.

7. Connect the Thermostat to the New Element

The first step in installing a new heating element for your Samsung dryer is to attach the thermostat using two of the screws you removed earlier. Use a multimeter to check the thermostat for continuity if you have one. If it’s defective, you’ll need to replace it.

8. Install Your New Samsung Heating Element

To replace your Samsung dryer’s old heating element, remove the loose calibration boards so that you can get access to the heating elements in the back. Once you can see them, place your new heating element inside and connect it up with the wire harness. Finally, use the screw you removed earlier to secure it into place or, if your new heating element has a screw of its own, use it instead.

9. Put the Cover Back On

Once the heating element has been installed, you’ll need to put your dryer back together again. First, replace the lint filter or trap in the dryer. You can then place the front plate on the dryer and secure it in place with the screws you removed earlier. Finally, tighten down each of the screws until they are snugly secured against the front of your dryer.

10. Reconnect the Control Panel

To install the control panel, reconnect the wire harnesses, and place the panel in position. Secure it with the screws you removed earlier. Make sure the clip on the back clips to the side of the dryer first.

11. Reattach the Top Cover

Now that the last cover is on the top of your dryer, you can secure it in place with the screws that you removed earlier.

12. Reconnect the Power and Vent

To replace your heating element, you’ll need to disconnect the exhaust hose from your dryer. Then, connect the hose to the new heating element, turn on the power, and put your dryer back in its rightful place. Turn on the device to see if it works and start using it again.


So there you have it. Twelve steps showing you exactly how how to replace a heating element in your Samsung dryer. It is a relatively easy process that you can do in about an hour. All you need is a new heating element, a screwdriver, and a few basic tools. With a little time and effort, you can have your dryer up and running again in no time.