How To Put Shelves Back In GE Refrigerator

By Nick Evans •  Last Updated: 08/23/21 •  5 min read

Are you wondering how to put shelves back in your GE refrigerator? If so, you are in the right place!

In this article we will talk through:

  • How to replace GE fridge shelves
  • Best ways to organize your fridge

There are many different types of shelves inside GE refrigerators. The method in which they remove and reinsert changes for each type of shelf.

How To Put Shelves Back In GE Refrigerator

You may find yourself in need of help if it is your first time cleaning your GE fridge and you removed the shelves. If you are unsure how to put them back, we have you covered.

It is important to note that depending on the type of fridge you have, the shelf-type will differ too!

How to put shelves back in GE refrigerator

Half-width shelves

To insert half-width shelves, hook the top bracket onto the track. From there, lower the shelf onto the support rails. It is important to decide on the shelf height beforehand. This depends on your own height and what you intend to store inside your fridge!

Full-width shelves

Depending on what type of GE fridge you have, insertion of your full-width shelf will differ. Some models have a wired steel shelf. Others have two steel wire stationary shelves or a tempered glass shelf.

For full-width shelves, the fridge will have stop-locks. You can lock into these so your shelves won’t fall out of the fridge and shatter or spill your food everywhere.

To insert full-width shelves, slide the shelves into the supports. Secure the stop-locks (making sure that the bent end is facing the end).

Fresh-food compartments

The drawers at the bottom of most GE refrigerators (fresh food compartments) that keep fruit and vegetables fresh are easy to put back in. There are no hooks and all you need to do is align them with their supports and insert. Remember to push the drawers back in once done.

Snack drawers

Snack drawers are only present on certain models. If you have snack drawers, place them back in your GE fridge by sliding them into their aligned supports.

How to insert GE freezer shelves

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Ice tray shelves

Ice tray shelves are only present in certain models. GE fridges usually have either an ice tray shelf or a full-width step shelf.

To put the ice tray back inside a GE fridge, place the left side of the shelf on the supports. Then pull it to the right and attach the pins to the holes. These are in the cabinet wall.

Step shelf

Step shelves are like ice tray shelves; used in the freezer to store frozen food. Step shelves will be larger than ice tray shelves and are more often seen in the larger GE models.

To put step shelves back in your GE fridge, turn the shelf diagonal. Then insert the left ends into the holes on the cabinet wall.

Next, elevate the left side of the shelf and bring the entire shelf up. Place the right ends of the shelf into the holes in the right cabinet wall and adjust its position as necessary.

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How do you remove shelves from the fridge?

The method in which you remove shelves from the fridge will differ for each type of shelf. Always consult your manual for a more thorough explanation.

As a general rule, you need hold of the handle of middle of the shelf, and slide the compartment out of its alignment.

Make sure that you’ve unhooked any hooks or supports before removing a shelf. If you don’t, there is risk of demolishing the shelf (especially a tempered glass shelf).

How should I organize the fridge?

There is no set rule for how you “should” organize your fridge. The layout of your fridge will depend on your contents and your preferences.

Here is how we recommend organizing the various compartments inside your refrigerator:

Door shelves

The door shelves are the warmest part of the fridge.

You should only store foods there that won’t easily spoil.

Foods that go best in the door shelves:

Topmost shelves


This area of the fridge is for your vegetables and fruits.

It is okay to keep your fruit outside of the fridge too. If you have overripe fruit that looks like it’s about to go bad, fridge drawers are a good place to store it.

Lower/middle shelves

These shelves are for dairy products, such as yogurt and cream cheese, but really you can store anything you want in these.

Bottom shelves

Anything that contains lots of juices is best stored in the bottom shelf. This is to prevent unnecessary dripping into the other foods – think sausages and raw fish.

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