HoMedics Humidifier Red Light Won’t Turn Off? What You Need To Know

By Nick Evans •  Last Updated: 06/10/22 •  13 min read

HoMedics is one of the leading manufacturers of humidifiers and other wellness products. While HoMedics humidifiers are great products, each humidifier comes with advanced features, built-in warning systems, and more. When a HoMedics humidifier has a red light turn on it’s a warning system alerting you to an issue with the home appliance. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to know what the issue is, and turning the red light off of a HoMedics humidifier varies based on the model. 

To help you learn more about the red light on HoMedics humidifiers we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about these small appliances. We’ll cover what the red light on a HoMedics humidifier is, what causes it to turn on, and how to reset the appliance. Read on to learn more below.

What Is the Red Light on a HoMedics Humidifier? 

On most HoMedics humidifiers the red light is used as an indicator for low water and other issues with the unit. While it’s commonly used to alert the user to low water levels, the red light can also be caused by damp internal components or a floating pedal malfunction.

Ultimately, the red light on HoMedics humidifiers is used to indicate to the user a problem with the device. Sometimes, the red light can also malfunction and turn on without any issues being present. 

Does Every HoMedics Humidifier Have a Red Light? 

No, only newer HoMedics humidifiers have red lights. Older humidifiers from the late 20th century and early 2000s don’t come with a low-water indicator. That said, most modern HoMedics humidifiers come with a red light that alerts users to problems.

Many HoMedics humidifiers also come with green lights that indicate the humidifier is working properly. You’ll also find some HoMedics humidifiers that have different colored cleaning lights. These lights tell you when it’s time to clean the device.

How Long Do HoMedics Humidifiers Last? 

When a HoMedics humidifier has a red light turn on that doesn’t mean it’s at the end of its lifespan. In fact, HoMedics humidifiers are durable enough to last for many years. The company also has a manufacturer’s warranty for most humidifiers but the length of time varies. Overall, you can expect the average HoMedics humidifier to last for between 10 and 15 years. 

It’s also important to note that running the humidifier more often and for longer periods can decrease the lifespan of the appliance. Expect humidifiers that aren’t used often to last for between 15 and 20 years, whereas HoMedics humidifiers used daily will last for about 10 years. 

Is HoMedics a Chinese Company?

No, HoMedics is not a Chinese Company. HoMedics was founded in 1987 in Detroit, Michigan. Therefore, HoMedics is a company that’s based in the United States. The company headquarters remains in Detroit but the company has expanded and serves customers from around the world. What began as a small family company has turned into a national company with a great reputation and attention to detail. HoMedics is still family-owned to this day.

What Causes the Red Light On HoMedics Humidifies To Turn On?

HoMedics humidifiers are well-made products, so there’s no reason to panic if the red light turns on. For HoMedics humidifiers, the red light can turn on for many reasons and it’s important to know each of them to diagnose the problem. Once you know what Causes the Red light on HoMedics humidifiers to turn on, you can begin to turn it off.

The Humidifier is Low on Water

The most common reason for a red light to turn on for HoMedics humidifiers is the water level being low. Humidifiers function by converting water into water vapor, which makes the air denser with air and water molecules.

When the air feels dense and heavy, it’s because it has a high percentage of humidity or water in the air. If a humidifier doesn’t have water in the tank to create water vapor the red light turns on.

Running a HoMedics humidifier when the water level is too low can cause damage. Additionally, a HoMedics humidifier with no water in the tank will break if you continue to use it. The red light indicator for low water can appear on the power button or somewhere else on the device.

Floating Pedal Malfunction 

Most HoMedics humidifiers have a floating pedal; it’s often white. The floating pedal can malfunction and won’t go back to its original position. HoMedics humidifiers with a floating pedal provide the pedal with a certain amount of float, which allows it to move into and out of place. 

When the pedal can’t go back to its original position the machine won’t turn on and the red light will appear on the power button or in another location. The floating pedal will need to be reset or repaired before the red light disappears.

Water Inside the Humidifier 

Humidifiers are designed to add water to the air. While the humidifier needs a reservoir of water to accomplish this, water that gets out of the reservoir and interacts with electronics can cause the red light to turn on.

To solve this problem, the humidifier needs time to dry out, which means you should avoid attempting to operate the device. The water inside the humidifier can also indicate that there’s a larger problem with the reservoir or the humidifier.

How to Fix the Red Light On a HoMedics Humidifier 

HoMedics manufacturers dozens of humidifiers. Turning the red light off on some humidifiers may vary but the process is similar (even with slight variations). For example, all HoMedics humidifiers with the Total Comfort trademark have similar technology, so the red light comes on for the same reasons. Below are some of the most common HoMedics humidifiers and information regarding how to turn the red light off.

HoMedics Cool Mist Humidifier 

Cool mist humidifiers are the most common type of humidifier. HoMedics has been manufacturing cool mist humidifiers for many years and has different versions of the cool mist technology. For example, HoMedics has ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers. However, most normal HoMedics cool mist humidifiers have a red light that turns on when the water level is low or if there is a problem with the floating pedal.

Turning the red light off for HoMedics cool mist humidifiers is simple. All you have to do is add water to the tank and the red light will turn off. A red light that stays on indicates an additional issue, which can be caused by the floating pedal or water within the electrical part of the device. You’ll have to solve these problems first or reset the device to turn the red light off.

HoMedics Warm Mist Humidifier 

While cool mist humidifiers are the most common, HoMedics also manufactures warm mist humidifiers and humidifiers that have both warm and cool mist technology. These advanced humidifiers are common for HoMedic’s Total Comfort line of products.

The red light on warm mist humidifiers can be an indication of low water or that the device is too hot. In situations where the temperature is too high, the device can malfunction because warm mist doesn’t need to be added into the air. 

On the other hand, if the red light is caused by low water, adding more water to the tank will solve the problem. On HoMedics Total Comfort humidifiers that have warm and cool mist capabilities, the red light will turn on for the same reasons. 

Homedics Ultrasonic Humidifiers

HoMedics also has ultrasonic humidifiers. Some of these humidifiers are from the Total Comfort line, while others are upgraded versions of HoMedics humidifiers. These humidifiers are cool mist humidifiers that convert water into more than 1.5 million particles that are sent into the air.

Ultrasonic humidifiers perform better than traditional cool mist humidifiers because they disperse more water with better efficiency and use less power. This allows for longer run times without damage to the unit.

HoMedics ultrasonic humidifiers have a red light that turns on when the water level is low. Turning the red light off is as simple as refilling the water tank to the fill line. Be careful not to go over the fill line or you can cause problems.

Plus, the red light might not turn off. If the red light remains on after refilling the tank, you might have to reset the device. This can be done using the power dial.

HoMedics Personal Humidifiers 

HoMedics personal humidifiers are small humidifiers with limited tank capacities and features. The purpose of these humidifiers is to add moisture to the air in a small room.

While these humidifiers have less power than larger HoMedics humidifiers, they can still get damaged if the water level is low or if the floating pedal is not put back in place after cleaning.

With HoMedics personal humidifiers turning the red light off is hassle-free. First, remove the bottle and add water. Then, connect the bottle back to the HoMedics humidifier. If this solution doesn’t work, you’ll have to reset the device or clean the tank before the red light turns off.

How to Reset Your HoMedics Humidifier 

When the red light on your HoMedics humidifier doesn’t turn off after you’ve tried everything, it’s time to reset the device. Resetting a HoMedics humidifier can turn the red light off and improve its performance if there is an issue with the computer. There are two ways to reset a HoMedics humidifier, so we’ll take you through both.

Cut Power to the HoMedics Humidifier 

The simplest way to reset a HoMedics humidifier is to cut the power to the device. To do so, simply unplug the HoMedics humidifier from the outlet or remove any batteries.

Then, wait a few minutes and plug the device back into the power outlet or add the necessary batteries. In some cases, cutting and adding power to a HoMedics humidifier is enough to reset the device. When unplugging the device and plugging it back in fails, you’ll have to interact with the dial and water tank.

Using the Reset Feature

Most HoMedics humidifiers have a power dial. The power dial has a reset feature that you can turn to; it’s usually the last option on the dial. There are a few steps you need to follow to perform a full reset. These steps are listed below.

  1. Turn the power dial to the reset setting.
  2. Unplug the humidifier from the wall.
  3. Remove the tank from the humidifier.
  4. Refill the tank.
  5. Place the tank back into the humidifier.
  6. Set the power dial to its highest setting.

Following these steps will help you reset most HoMedics humidifiers.

Cleaning Your HoMedics Humidifier 

HoMedics humidifiers need to be maintained. The most important part of Humidifier maintenance is keeping the device clean.

While humidifiers take time to clog and become dirty, developing a cleaning routine for your HoMedics humidifier can prevent the red light from turning on. Plus, cleaning the humidifier might turn the red light off on a HoMedics humidifier.

Cleaning the Tank on HoMedics Humidifiers 

The tank is one of the easiest things to clean on HoMedics humidifiers. Cleaning the tank can be done by adding a mixture of half water and half white vinegar into the tank.

Let the mixture sit for 15-30 minutes and dump the mixture from the tank. Using vinegar and water will remove deposits of minerals from the tank. You should clean your tank after a few uses if you live in a region that has hard water. Moreover, you can use hydrogen peroxide if you don’t have access to vinegar.

Cleaning the Surface of HoMedics Humidifiers

The surface of HoMedics humidifiers can also get dirty. Over time, dust and debris can build on the surface of the humidifier and cause problems. For example, dust can become trapped within the nozzles and prevent ample amounts of water from dispersing into the air. Clogged nozzles can reduce efficiency, use more power, and damage the device. 

To clean the surface and nozzles we recommend using a 50/50 combination of water and white vinegar. Apply the solution to a cloth and wipe down the surface of the humidifier. Then, use a cloth with warm water to remove the access solution from the HoMedics humidifier. From there, let the device air dry before using it.

Cleaning HoMedics Humidifier Ultrasonic Membranes

HoMedics with ultrasonic technology have membranes that need to be cleaned.

Cleaning the membranes is not challenging and only takes a few moments. Begin by putting gloves on and removing the membrane from the reservoir. From there, rinse the membrane in warm water and let it dry. You should perform this task once per day if you use the humidifier daily.

To give the membrane a deeper clean you can replace the warm water with a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar. Let the membrane soak for a few minutes (less than 10), then rinse it with warm water and let it dry. You can also scrub it with a non-abrasive if necessary.

Cleaning HoMedics Humidifier Aroma Trays 

Advanced humidifiers like the HoMedics Total Comfort Humidifier come with aroma trays. These are trays that you can fill with essential oils to make rooms smell nice. Cleaning aroma trays is an extra step but it needs to be done.

To clean aroma trays, remove the aroma pad from the device. After the aroma pad is removed wipe down the tray and ensure that no liquid is left behind.

Then, place the aroma pad you want to use on the aroma tray and insert it back into the device. Make sure you avoid using too much water or you can damage the internal components of the humidifier.

How Often Should HoMedics Humidifiers Be Cleaned?

We recommend cleaning HoMedics humidifiers at least once every two weeks. Cleaning your HoMedics humidifier every two weeks ensures that no dust or grime builds up on the device.

Your HoMedics humidifier might also have an indicator light that turns on when it needs to be cleaned. For these HoMedics humidifiers, we recommend cleaning the device when the indicator light turns on.

There are some exceptions to cleaning a HoMedics humidifier every two weeks. If your home has hard water, which is water that includes more sediments/minerals, you should clean the humidifier after you use it two times.

Additionally, if you run a HoMedics humidifier daily you should clean it once per week.

Performing these cleaning routines can prevent the red light from turning on and help you turn the red light off.

Final Words 

The red light on HoMedics humidifiers is a warning that something is not working properly, so it’s important to address any issues quickly. You also might have a HoMedics humidifier from a long time ago, since the company has been around for decades.

In that case, we recommend checking the owner’s manual to learn more about the red light. Luckily, the red light means something similar in every HoMedics humidifier –even the older models. 

Also, make sure you solve the problem causing the red light to turn on before you attempt to turn it off or reset the humidifier.

Turning the red light off without solving the issue can cause damage to the unit or hinder its performance. So, handle your HoMedics humidifier with care and it will care for you.